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The 1st International Gas Adsorption Summer School will be held on the Greek island of Spetses between 9-14 September 2019.
Its aim is to provide an introduction to the measurement and analysis of gas adsorption by nanoporous materials, targeted at graduate (PhD) students and young scientists and engineers, from both academia and industry, who are new to the field. The five day programme will introduce nanoporous materials, the fundamentals and applications of gas adsorption, and the measurement methods typically used to determine the gas adsorption behaviour of porous solids.
Approaches to analysing adsorption data for applications, such as gas storage and separation, and for assessing the pore structure of porous materials will also be covered. There will be an emphasis on making accurate measurements and applying the most appropriate models to adsorption data.
The programme will mix formal lectures with tutorials and group work, and allow plenty of time for informal discussion.

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